Jc {Maternity}

Jc_maternity-059We had so much fun capturing these gorgeous photographs at the Botanical Gardens in Clemson, SC. My sister is due in 7 days and I cannot wait to hold this sweet bay. JC has been a real trooper through this pregnancy and letting me take her photograph when every I get the urge! This was the second round maternityJc_maternity-105 session we took. She was 37 weeks in these photographs, and she walked those trails like a mama on a mission.  I cant wait to take baby Eli’s newborn pictures!  Continue reading “Jc {Maternity}”

Annabeth and Randy {Engagement}

TRandy&Anna_engagement-064his couple booked me for their engagement photographs back in January. When the weather was scheduled to be bad for two wRandy&Anna_engagement-048hole weeks, I was worried they would cancel. But these two were the best.  When I suggested a fun rainy weather shoot they were all to excited about it. The Botanical Gardens in Clemson, SC were the perfect backdrop for this drizzly, dreary day. I am so in love with how this session turned out, and I cannot not wait to work with this sweet couple again! You can see their love for each other in every photograph.    Continue reading “Annabeth and Randy {Engagement}”

Brynn Raye {Newborn}

Baby Bianco-068This sweet thing is 2 weeks old today! I have loved getting to meet Amber and document a bit of her pregnancy journey. She is such a fun and caring person, I know she is going to make a wonderful mother to this beautiful bundle of joy!Baby Bianco-033

Baby Brynn was so easy to photograph. She let me move her around so much and did not cry a single minute! I cant wait to see this pretty little bit grow up!  Continue reading “Brynn Raye {Newborn}”

Trotter {Wedding}

This couple took the plunge on New Years Eve 2017. It was absolutely freezingTrotter_wedding-292, but it was worth it to capture their big day. Megan and Chris are two of the sweetest people I know. you can see on their face how much they love one anther, and Chris does so well with Megan’s son Zaiden.

I have been photographing this family for quite some time, so when they asked me to do their wedding I was ecstatic. The original plan was to get married on 12/31/2018, but this couple just didn’t want to wait that long! Megan planed this beautiful wedding is just 2 short months. That is CRAZY, good for you girl because it was beautiful.Trotter_wedding-241

After the ceremony we took a lovely trip to a house with an amazing mountain view. To say we nearly froze to death would be a bit of a hyperbole, but man did it feel like it. you can see just how cold it was all over Zaiden’s face, but it was all worth it to capture these perfect moments!  Continue reading “Trotter {Wedding}”