Amber {Maternity}

Amber_maternity-036When Amber contacted me about this photoshoot I was so very excited. She wanted to do it as a surprise to her SO for Christmas. And now I can finally share them with you guys!  I am so happy with how these photographs turned out, and Amber was a dream to work with. I cant wait for Baby B to make her appearance next week!Amber_maternity-058_bw Continue reading “Amber {Maternity}”

Lexie Grey {Newborn}

Lexie_newborn-077How cute is this sweet girl? I have been ever so lucky to meet lots of new babies over the last month, and it is slowly becoming my favorite thing. Miss Lexie was so cute, and she loved the portable heater. I am glad to say that I have found the way to a newborns heart. I was so happy to get to meet this new family and I look forward to working with them in the future!  Continue reading “Lexie Grey {Newborn}”

Christmas Sessions

Man has it been a busy few weeks! I had so much fun meeting new families, and getting to spend time with others.

I have finally wrapped up my Christmas sessions. These families were all great. I was so excited to get to work with the family pets, and I had my first ever all dog session (which was great).

I got to meet new babies, which is always the best! I cannot wait to work with these beautiful families again in the new year!

Boster {Family}

I was very grateful to get tBoster_2017-055o meet this wonderful family over the weekend. The Boster’s got a new addition to their family 6 weeks ago when the precious baby Maddie was born. Big brother Gage did so well having his picture made with her. He was one of the most well behaved 4 year olds I have had the pleasure to work with. I cannot wait to work with this sweet family again. Continue reading “Boster {Family}”

The Wilson’s {family}

I loWilson_2017-037ve this family, and I love getting to hang out with them and capture their sweet family moments! Jon and Tonya have been together for as long as I can remember, and aside from my husband and I of course, they are the cutest couple ever! Their sweet girls are growing up so fast. I cannot believe Jolie just turned 7! We had this fun family session on a cloudy afternoon in November. It was cold, and the rain was going to come any moment, but this family made the best of it!  Continue reading “The Wilson’s {family}”

Andi Reedlyn {newborn}

Andi_newborn-004This sweet girl was born November 9th at 1:53am! Hey, when you’re ready, you’re ready. Coming in to the world at 7 pounds 11 ounces, and just the cutest face you’ve ever seen. I am glad I got to photograph the Carter’s during this awesome time in their lives. Andi is their first girl, and they are over the moon! I can’t wait to photograph her as she grows!  Continue reading “Andi Reedlyn {newborn}”

Pease {family}

Pease_2017-071I had the pleasure of working with this sweet family again! They have three children under three as well as three dogs! These parents are working over time. I am really amazed by their patience of having such a full house. I really enjoyed being able to work with them again, and to see how much the twins have grown over the last year.  Continue reading “Pease {family}”

Yeimi & Jasmine {Mommy and Me}

I am so glad I finally got to do this mommy and me session. Yeimi_Jasmine-073It feel like Yeimi and I planned this forever ago. These ladies showed up matching head to toe, and they could not have been moreYeimi_Jasmine-045 gorgeous. They look more like sisters than mother daughter. Soon Jasmine will be as tall as her mom. We had a lot of fun walking through the farm chasing off chickens and cats. As the session started, we could hear the thunder in the distance, but the weather could not have been more perfect. I am in love with all of these photographs! Continue reading “Yeimi & Jasmine {Mommy and Me}”

Stella Flores {baby’s first fall}

You guys, I am so excited to get to watch this sweet girl grow! I was fStella_fall-123ortunate enough to photograph Jordyn’s maternity session, and after that Stella’s newborn session. Now I get to share with you Stella’s first fall session.

I am so excited about photographing this baby’s first year. Stella is so cute, and has already changed since her newborn session 5 months ago. Her hair has gotten lighter, her eyes are getting bluer, and I think she looks just like her Mama. When I did Stella’s newborn session I thought to myself, this is the easiest newborn I have ever worked with. Well Stella surprised me again by being the easiest 5 month old to work with, I don’t think she even knows how to cry.  Continue reading “Stella Flores {baby’s first fall}”